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Witches' Cup P/1/2/3


We have a lot of history at the Witches Cup. I remember, very vividly, the feeling of being in way over my head in my second ever P/1/2/3. Not in terms of racing fitness (though, yes, very much in terms of racing), but in terms of star power. As the call-ups rang out: "Jessie Anthony, Luke Keogh, Tim Johnson, Mark McCormack…" The feeling...

Purgatory Road Race 2016


On a particularly raw cold January day, I set out for a long day of base miles leaving from my brother's house in Southbridge Massachusetts. Completely by chance, I found myself in Sutton MA, at the base of Lackey Hill. Purgatory Road Race's defining feature. After several ascents up the menace, my chance recon would have to end. Daylight was...

GLV Women’s Group Ride


In addition to our usual Wednesday night groups, we’re hosting a special Women’s group ride August 24. We’ll meet at the parking lot next to Cassidy Field at Cleveland circle at 5:45 pm and will likely break into two groups similar in pace to our regular medium and leisure groups for those who have joined us before. Total distance...

Witches' Cup M3/4


If you weren't there, you are probably wondering why all my electronics are broken. Well. It wasn't raining when we started the race so all my bags were out in the open. However by the end of the race it was the heaviest rain I have ever been in. There was an actual cyclone in the third turn, as the drain failed miserably in its attempt to get...

5 things I love about my Amira, "Swaentje":


1. It's matte black, with some shiny black details
2. Light and responsive.
3. The Specialized Power saddle fits very well. I rode the bike the first time at our Cali training camp. I had intended to bring my current saddle (a Specialized Oura) just in case, but forgot. Luckily I had no adaptation issues during 10 days of long...


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