Celebrating 9 years of racing with Zipcar

By AJ Moran

We are proud to have had Zipcar as a team sponsor for 9 years now, and during that time they have become fully integrated into the team identity and culture. We use Zipcars almost every weekend from March until December traveling to local races from Maine to New Jersey and for reliable transportation from the airport nationwide, be it for Speed week in Athens, GA, Intelligentsia Cup, in Chicago, IL, Trek CX Cup in Waterloo, WI or for training camp in Los Angeles, CA. Nothing has defined my time on GLV more than waking up early on a Saturday morning, getting in a Zipcar, and picking up my teammates for a long day of bike racing and fun.

As a Boston based team, Zipcar makes it possible to get to as many races as we do. Owning a car just isn’t possible for myself and many of my teammates. However, with multiple Zipcar locations within walking distance, everything gets easier. The question is no longer “How do we get to the race?” but, “How big of a Zipcar should we get?”. We use Zipcars not only for races but also to connect us with our teammates across New England, often packing our bags and escaping the city for big weekend rides in the fresh air of the forests and mountains. Zipcar is extremely bike friendly, not only providing large vehicles like SUVs and minivan’s but also a set of cars already equipped with Yakima bike roof racks!

The ease of use is fantastic, but the real benefit in my eyes is the team community it builds. Getting everyone together to travel in a Zipcar isn’t only more environmentally friendly but also makes us closer as a team and gives us a unified base of operations at races. Looking back on the season I can remember huddling for warmth with the heat on high after rainy spring races, turning up the music and dancing in the Kermesse parking lot with Sean and Steve, and catching quick naps out of the sun on hot August Saturdays. Seeing 8 or so GLV riders hanging out around a couple of Zipcars has become an iconic part of bike racing in New England. We’ve seen a lot of success as a team over the past 9 years, and having Zipcar as a partner has unquestionably helped make it happen.

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