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Looking Back at 2017 #2: Grant's Tomb


Our season opener last year was at  Grant's Tomb, just a week after wrapping up our winter training camp in Santa Barbara. Smith clearly was recovered well from all those miles and came out firing in the 2/3 field:

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Looking Back at 2017 #1: Trooper Brinkerhoff


Starting our look back at 2017 is an early-season success for devo team rider Ken Greim, at the time a cat 4 racer. Ken raced in the C field at the Trooper Brinkerhoff road race in Ravena. NY in unseasonably warm weather. Here's how it went in his own words:

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Mayor's Cup M2/3 2016


It’s not fair that I won this bike race. No, no, I didn’t cheat. It’s not fair to those who have spent more hours on the bike, been disciplined in interval training, or been strict with their diet to be as fast as they can be. In many ways, I didn’t deserve to win. But hey, life’s not fair. Sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know.

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Witches' Cup P/1/2/3


We have a lot of history at the Witches Cup. I remember, very vividly, the feeling of being in way over my head in my second ever P/1/2/3. Not in terms of racing fitness (though, yes, very much in terms of racing), but in terms of star power. As the call-ups rang out: "Jessie Anthony, Luke Keogh, Tim Johnson, Mark McCormack…" The feeling deepened. All names I would become acutely familiar with in the coming years, but only had a cursory understanding about at the time. Our team was young, and for the most part, had no idea what we were doing. I finished 28th and absolutely in the box.

Purgatory Road Race 2016


On a particularly raw cold January day, I set out for a long day of base miles leaving from my brother's house in Southbridge Massachusetts. Completely by chance, I found myself in Sutton MA, at the base of Lackey Hill. Purgatory Road Race's defining feature. After several ascents up the menace, my chance recon would have to end. Daylight was precious, and I still had a few more hours to log. That wasn't the only long day spent thinking about Purgatory.

Witches' Cup M3/4


If you weren't there, you are probably wondering why all my electronics are broken. Well. It wasn't raining when we started the race so all my bags were out in the open. However by the end of the race it was the heaviest rain I have ever been in. There was an actual cyclone in the third turn, as the drain failed miserably in its attempt to get rid of a foot of rushing water.

Syracuse Race Weekend Cat 4


I'd never seen my name in red on the road-results predictor before, so I went into this race with a pressure for results I hadn't felt before. Even without race predictor, what was once a funny side note “nope, still a 4” was starting to get really old. I needed results this weekend.

Nutmeg Criterium


Leslie Lupien at NutmegThe 2016 Nutmeg State Criterium took place this past Saturday at Walnut Hill Park in New Britain, CT. The event was much anticipated, as the details of the women’s races became an immediate source of controversy. Countless discussions were held, ultimately prompting individuals and teams to make a decision about how to approach the event and continue to move women’s cycling forward.



We interrupt your normally scheduled work to bring you this unimportant, yet slightly entertaining distraction. Read on to get the experience of a day in the cleats of an exceedingly mediocre amateur cyclist. This interruption will also hope to bring some respite to the case studies, spreadsheets and narcolepsy-inducing meetings that you may have the usual displeasure of immersing yourself in at this particular hour. So grab that coffee, get your hand on the scroll wheel and get #readytobrumble!

Race Report: Mayor’s Cup - viewpoints from Gina and Tonia

Mayor's Cup

It’s almost CX season and we are lined up at the start for Mayor’s Cup.  As a team, we did our homework, thinking of the teams and individuals that may pose a threat during our race.  B2C2 is on the line with a number of ladies (including Faccone, riding in a PedalPower kit).  Richard Fries gives us a shout-out, to which a B2C2 rider gives him the thumbs down.  Nothing motivates us more than seeing someone not appreciate our team.  The whistle blows and the heat is on. 


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