wednesday night group rides

Ride Status:

We are on! Join us Wednesday @ 5:45pm.

Join us wednesday nights from may through september for our weekly group ride! 

Landry's Boston (1048 Commonwealth Avenue)

Meet in the parking lot off Winslow street


Wednesday's @ 5:45pm 

Depending on the amount of riders, we will split into either 3 or 4 groups.

Leisure Group - This is a "no-drop" ride, where our ride leader(s) and group will cater to the needs of all riders, leaving nobody behind, riding a shorter route than others. The ride leader will adjust the route as needed based on the capabilities of the group. If you are new to bikes, this is absolutely the group for you. If you are new to riding in a group, this is also a good place to start.


Medium Group - This is also a “no-drop” ride.  We expect participants in this group to have some experience on a bicycle. This is a great place to get comfortable riding in a pack at a reasonable speed. This ride will feature the most ride leaders, and break into smaller groups based on skills and fitness levels. GLV ride leaders will maintain the pace at the front of this ride at all times.


Fast Group -  Formerly “medium-fast,” this will be a “drop” ride -- the ride leaders and rest of the group will not wait for all riders. We’ll regroup at the top of climbs and traffic lights at the beginning, but once a critical mass is formed the group will continue.  Our ride leaders are strong, but need your help -- we expect fast group riders to become comfortable pulling through to help set the pace. The pace will be fast and smooth, but again, with an emphasis on safety.


“Breakaway” Group - This will be a “drop” ride. This group does not have a set pace, nor will a ride leader be responsible for determining the pace.  The riders in this group are expected to be experienced enough to be able to work together smoothly and safely without instruction. When possible, a ride leader will be a part of this group to help direct the group if a situation requiring leadership arises.

After the ride, we encourage riders to join us at Otto pizza on Commonwealth Ave near Landry's!



short (22 miles)
medium (24 miles)
long (32 miles)