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UVM Green Mountain Weekend P/1/2


The UVM Campus Criterium has, by my count, eight corners. It winds through campus and is a very fun course. And is a whopping 850 meters long. One of these corners is a u-turn with a decreasing radius exit that I sat by and watched racers clip pedals on ALL morning. A lead moto dumped it here just prior to my race, on.

On the start line I am a one man wolfpack, all alone. Surrounding me are five riders and three ENGVT riders. With fourteen people in the race I...

Sam Sprints for the Win at the Aetna Nutmeg Spring Series


As the whistle sounded, Derek Cote of CCAP attacked. I yelled at him, pretend-furious at his hubris. Graham Garber followed the move, in addition to a Foundation rider. I was in the vicinity, knew Graham could carry a break all on his own (despite his atrociously hair legs), so I jumped on the train, cursing my dumb idiot over-enthusiasm, while, at the same time, trying to justify it because a move exactly like this lapped the field the last time I raced here. The day before at Trooper...

Cole and AJ Go 1-2 at the Beanpot Criterium


When I heard that the Tufts Criterium was coming back after a four-year hiatus, I immediately realigned all goals and set my sights on winning at Tufts. The Tufts Criterium is the race that initially sparked my interest in bike racing. The course is technical, fast, steep, and really hard. I couldn’t wait.

Unlike most bicycle races in which sitting further back in the pack is an efficient use of energy for part of the race, the punishing Tufts course rewards those who are at the front...

Beanpot Race Weekend - Tufts Crit - Men's 4/5


Tufts is located on a rather large hill. Rumor has it this is so that the cannon that adorns the academic quad can be strategically located and aimed towards Harvard. Bike racers who have had the chance to race the Beanpot Criterium might argue that the placement of the campus on a hill is strategically designed to maximally shred legs.

For me, returning to the hill for a day of bike racing was beyond exciting. I had graduated from Tufts in 2010, along with fellow GLVer and Tufts...

Beanpot Race Weekend – Tufts Crit – Women’s 1/2/3/4


Despite temperatures that were a bit chilly, this was going to be a fun day with clear blue skies and a technical crit in our own backyard on the Tufts campus. It was also going to be the first time the ladies of GLV would be racing together, which made me very excited about this race.

Our main strategy was to drive the pace early so we could drop a few of the less technically skilled women. We ended up driving the pace for about 4 laps, which had indeed reduced the group at the front...


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