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2015 Year In Review


By every metric, 2015 was a banner year for our team. From results to race promotion to community outreach, every year continues to be our best year ever. View our annual report here! [5MB, PDF]

Mayor's Cup

Race Report: Mayor’s Cup - viewpoints from Gina and Tonia


It’s almost CX season and we are lined up at the start for Mayor’s Cup.  As a team, we did our homework, thinking of the teams and individuals that may pose a threat during our race.  B2C2 is on the line with a number of ladies (including Faccone, riding in a PedalPower kit).  Richard Fries gives us a shout-out, to which a B2C2 rider gives him...

Spandex, Medals, and Minivans: The Story of Green Line Velo


We're featured on Zipcar's Ziptopia blog, "Spandex, Medals, and Minivans: The Story of Green Line Velo"!

Check out the video here!

Sam Rides the Green Train to a Decisive Win at Mt. Blue


On a day that felt a lot like what some would describe as summer, 9 of us set out from Boston to race at the fabled Womputuck State Park. This is the second year in a row the race at Blue Hills was held on this hallowed oval. Whenever a hilly road-race is transformed into a crit, a fat sprinter kid gets his wings. The goal of the day was to use...

Regina Doubles up With Wins at Woodstock and Mt. Blue


Women’s Woodstock 3/4 (5/2/15)

I was excited for this race, as it was the first race of the year with a solid climb. This was my first time racing at Woodstock, so I took some time (at 11pm the night before) to study the map with teammate and captain, Natasja Brooijmans. We both knew the race would come apart on the two-mile climb, so...


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